Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How time flies

It has been a while since we have posted anything....SORRY. For those of you who have been waiting for an update. Here it is! We had a whirlwind trip in the States between families and friends and shopping it was a busy couple of weeks. We got back home and have spent the past month readjusting to our busy life here.
  • Holden started soccer or futbol depending on where you live.

  • I started tennis lessons 3 days a week with a couple of girlfriends.
  • We went the the most fabulous golf course in Tagaytay.

  • We built a fort out of boxes in Holden's room.

  • We lost two really good friends for two very different yet strange reasons.

  • We hosted a party of 12 of Nate's clients for dinner out our house. And thanks to a close friend and a fabulous staff, it turned out beautifully.

  • I have decided that sushi isn't all that bad.

  • It has been a constant state of torrential downpour here every week. As in....who KNEW you could actually have your house flood 35 stories up! School has been canceled on average 2 times a week and I am really bummed I didn't buy some fashionable wellies while I was in the States or as Holden calls his...rain cowboy boots.

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