Monday, January 15, 2007

Ahhh....the no more list

Yes, Holden has grown, but not that much! This is how short our fridge is, he can get in the freezer!

This is Divina, our lifesaver here! You can tell Holden adores her, and this is dinner the other night courtesy of Divina, yes, the girl can cook!

No more:
Cleaning Dishes (there are no dishwashers here)
Putting dishes away
Cleaning: floors, windows, bathtubs, toilets, sinks
Preparing food for cooking (come on, you know how much better food tastes when you don't have to do the prep and cooking!)
Sorting laundry
Doing laundry
Folding and putting laundry away
Grocery shopping
Putting groceries away
Packaging up leftovers

In exchange for the "no mores" all we have to do is live in a foreign, sometimes frustrating, country with none of the comforts of home as we know it, away from all we have ever known without our dear friends and family.
I guess there are tradeoffs for everything. We miss you all, but we still really like our "no more" list!

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