Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8 years and counting

The thing about being married eight years is that you really begin to forget how life was before marriage. It's foggy. I can remember parts but they seem so distant and fuzzy. I never could have dreamt a few short years ago that I would be HERE, living this life, with two wavy haired boys and one hunk of a bald man exploring the world together. These boys who make up our lives, literally, have such distinct traits of their parents; their looks and personalities are so us. Sometimes its like looking in a mirror at the mishmash of Nate and I as one. We worry about certain traits, we commiserate about others, we live in joy at how vividly we see each other in our boys. Is there really a greater gift in a marriage?

For our anniversary this year, we revisited one of our favorite locations: Boracay. Just a hop skip and a jump (and a 45 minute flight) from Manila is where the powdery white sand meets the clear blue ocean which blends into the crisp blue sky. It's truly heaven. We spent 5 days in this blissful location with our little family and some help from our friends (Yaya Carol) at an amazing villa at the Shangrila.

Happy 8 years to the man who makes my heart beat a little bit faster when he enters the room, the amazing father to our beautiful boys and the one who makes this amazing life that we live possible.


Julie said...

You two are a really great couple. I'm glad I've gotten to know Nate a little bit over the last few years. And I'm glad you are so happy together. It makes every bit of difference in the world to have a best friend to navigate it with.

I love that picture of Finn. What a naked bandit!

Team AC said...

Melissa, I've missed your blog... forgot to check it for ages now, but your posts always make me smile! Congrats on the 8 years (even though it's a while ago now), and very funny travel stories with the boys, as always!