Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Its a great year to be grateful; ONE

I have decided this year I want to be more aware and take into account of all the things and people and places and moments that I am grateful for. I want to really recognize and give heed to those times where time slows for just a bit and there is a realization of blessed moment.

Days go by at lightening speed and I hope as these things come out I will be able to slow down and really live in and savor these moments of gratitude.

As I sat with little FinRo this morning watching Dora as we drank our green smoothies I looked down at him sitting in my lap and saw this amazing head of curls.

A head of curls that always make me smile as the come bouncing my way. Is it bad to covet such lovely locks of hair? I do. They just curl up so perfectly into little spit curls all over his head. My Grandmother would have given her eye teeth to have such curls. It's true, she told me so!

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Julie said...

Those are the moments right there. His curls are gorgeous.