Saturday, November 27, 2010

1978 + 4

I remember one of my Mom's friends Carolanne giving her own mother flowers on her (Carolanne's) birthday just to thank her for bringing her into this world.

I owe my own Mom flowers. Thanks Mom, for having me, for keeping me, for letting me grow up so close to amazing grandparents. I know it couldn't have been easy doing it alone and so young. I understand that now as a Mother more than ever. So on my birthday I celebrate YOU!

As I celebrate turning 32, as a family we also celebrate a whopping four years since our arrival in the Philippines. Seems like a lifetime really. It's home. Have I said that before? We have just returned from our whirlwind holiday in Paris and Dublin and I can say I missed Manila. I missed the people, the weather, the ease of what I "know." It's home, or at least one of the places we can call home.

I have had some phenomenal birthdays. Arriving in Manila on my 28th, celebrating 29 on the Great Wall of China, on the cusp of having our gorgeous Finnley at 30, celebrating with the most amazing girlfriends at 31 and now 32, atop the Eiffel Tower. It makes aging almost bearable!

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Julie said...

Truly phenomenal birthdays. And the best thing about them is that they've been with the ones you love.

I love your mother so much and she deserves this tribute. I'm glad to have known you and loved you for way more than half of those years. I'm lucky.