Wednesday, September 01, 2010

almost one week in

We have been Stateside for six days and WHEW, it's exhausting! I'm not sure we can move back unless Nate works from home and only part time so he is here all day to help! I didn't manage to even get a shower until the boys were in bed tonight, but here are some things that I DID manage to accomplish in the past few days, in addition to the laundry, vacuuming, dishes and child care and the constant picking up, I forgot that kids just leave a little trail of mess wherever they go!

We washed "Grandma Grandmas" (the boys Great Grandma) windows. Holden washed the screens in his ever helpful way and, as you can imagine, Finnley was super helpful playing in the bucket of vinegar and water.

The boys fed the horses carrots and managed to keep all 20 fingers intact. Holden and his lifelong friend(literally) Riley Jane harvested all the carrots from the garden, so there was plenty to go around to the live stock. Lastnight they were playing Mom and Dad and Riley's little sister Sarah was their daughter. Foreshadowing of the future? Ann and I can only hope!

Hitting the grocery store is truly a treat. The options leave me without words. Unless you live in Manila, or maybe somewhere similar it's hard to relate but trust me, YOUR choices here are truly endless. Better yet, things like grapes and berries don't cost a small fortune. All four of us run the aisles in endless glee.

This afternoon we headed up to Adams Canyon to hike up to the waterfall. The weather was perfect and the boys were troopers. Especially Holden, he was a champ until the end. Finnley didn't have much to complain about being hoisted up the mountain on Nate's back. Double the work out for Nate hauling that additional 30 lbs of curly haired lovin. Let me tell you, coming from four years of elevation near sea level to 4600 feet and then hiking up an additional 2000 that the air is thin!

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britt said...

Hey there!!! I love seeing you all at the May-Stromberg ranch. We were just there in July. The horses. The cart. The tractors. So much fun for the kids. We have the same pictures!

Connie and Dale are so great with kids. Connie threw a big princess party for all the girls. Ava had so much fun and still talks about riding horses.

Anyway, it's great to see you all having so much fun. Love to everyone. britt