Monday, September 27, 2010

We are back in Manila

and time and life has sped up to its usual high pace. It makes coming back a bit easier when your days are a whirl of activities and friends. The latter half of our vacation we spent heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and were lucky to be joined by both sides of the family at a great condo. It was as beautiful as it always is we had a great time white water rafting in the frigid Snake River, heading out in a covered wagon for a dutch oven cookout and exploring the great outdoors! We also spent a week in Idaho seeing family and experiencing the fair. We celebrated Nate's big 35 with a drive back to Utah, oh and an Ipad and a trip to see the University of Utah beat the pants off of UNLV. We all had an amazing vacation but were, as always, ready to get back home to real life and warm weather! Traveling that far puts me in a tailspin. Jet lag seems to be worse on the home end and I feel like I am just now getting a grip almost two weeks later. Since, no one chooses to come visit us here, we are very lucky to be able to go back to the "homestead" as often as we do and see our families and friends but I must say, twenty-five hours door to door with a toddler has me wondering why I signed us up to do it again in a matter of months!

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Julie said...

I love all these pictures so much. Two I must comment on, though:

First: Nate's awesome red water shoes. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Second: Finn's little angel face and folded hands when you KNOW he's just been caught doing something. So cute!