Friday, July 16, 2010

loving these boys

A few updates around the May household:

Every month our boys just get more fun. They interact more positively (Finnley beats up on Holden less-yes you read that right) and are a joy to be around. I finally feel like life in manageable again. Yes, it took THAT long to get it together and yes, I even have help. Maybe that was why there was such a learning curve, I wasn't thrown into the fire like most new mothers.

Finnley is constantly wanting to come along wherever we go and I'm sad to say we are usually running from place to place and the convenience of leaving him at home regularly wins out. So when he does come in the car or out to the store he is thrilled. He is always bringing us his shoes and pulling us out the door. He has just started with a very long drawn out "no noooooo" and when he shakes his head no, his entire body gets into the action from his shoulders to his hips. Although no also means yes so confirming what he actually means is a chore. He uses both Tagalog and English words so once again that can prove confusing for us all. One moment it's a dog and the next it's an aso. Tonight while reading a book he said "thas not ah duck." It WAS a duck so again...not sure if he means it IS or IS NOT. He calls me "Mama" but when he wants someone to come here is said like an Italian "MA!" with his palm facing down waving his fingers towards himself like we do to shoo something away in the States, that is "come here" in the Philippines. Never does Da (Daddy) come out in a normal volume, it is shouted from the rooftops, "DA!!!!" He says "shower," and calls Holden "Kuya"(older brother) but it comes out more like "Oooohyah." Carol our nanny is called "Roll" and Ed our driver he calls "Lolo" (Grandpa) and I think he actually likes being called that!
He loves to wear my tennis arm band, he also is a gem at clearing the table. Who knew you could teach tricks at such a young age!

SOMEONE is missing a couple of teeth. Holden had one upper incisor just hanging there but he refused to pull it out. So the other day I asked to take a look at it and flicked it out with my finger. That left the other one just hanging all on it's own and looked to be at about the same level of stability. He moaned and weeped and carried on about us taking it out but I was a little afraid he might swallow it in the night so we persisted. After a flick and a tearing sound (ICK!) it was out too. He looks so different and I might add cute. His little toothless lisp makes us beg him to say things like kisses or toothbrushes and one I came up with the other day; aesthetic. It's adorable but we have to make sure he doesn't catch us giggling because he was quite sensitive about how he looked for a few days.

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Julie said...

I just love posts like these. I love your boys from afar and think I know them so much better than I do. They are little gems.
I can hardly believe how much Finn looks like Caleb did when we were younger. It's darling.

And Holden and those teeth. Love it. Chloe still hasn't lost any and is getting really antsy to make that happen -- guess who I won't be showing this post to??? :)

Love you.