Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two things

Two things have happened in the past week that make me feel we are somehow succeeding in the raising of our boys outside of their native country. They are simple but have quite some depth to me!

The other day while eating dinner Holden said, "Mom, do you like it in the Philippines?" I said, "Of course, what about you?" His answer. "I love it here, I don't think we should ever leave." This means so much because for the first year we were here, Holden really struggled, I mean REALLY struggled. Every time he went to bed or stubbed his toe or didn't get his way he was in tears and wanted to go home to Utah! It hit us really hard, because we adjusted so well and had expectations that he would as well. It almost made us reconsider our decision and was a regular guilt-inducing moment. He has been adjusted for quite some time now, after all it has been 3.5 years but to hear him say that he loves it. Music to my ears. I can't promise him that we will never leave but I know that he is truly happy.

Finnley let us know he is making it ok in the only country he has known as home by insisting on feeding himself. Vigilantly demanding to feed himself is more like it. We had fears that he would become a pampered boy like so many are here with nannies following them around to feed them and sitting in strollers way past the age of 4 but he has proven to be the complete opposite with an independent spirit. Even though the mess is unbearable, he is learning all on his own!

It's hard to gauge parenting, so simple things make all the difference!

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Julie said...

Love it. You're right. It's so hard to know when you're doing it right, so you have to just savor those little moments where your kids let you know they're happy.