Thursday, March 18, 2010

BIG little Deuce

Finn, our chub-a-bub started out as such a little guy and has really grown into our big boy. He is much bigger than Holden was at this age and continues to surprise us with his sheer size! At the ER the other day(another story for another day) he weighed in at a whopping 33 lbs. He eats vegetables and fruit. No one believes me, but he is our little vegetarian feasting on spinach and squash and carrots and peas.

We had a special day the other day, just the three of us while Holden was at school when we went to the pool. It's been quite some time since Finnley joined us poolside. He wasn't exactly thrilled with the water but boy did he look yummy in his speedo.

He has such a fun personality. Full of mischief and spice. He is so shy at first with people and takes quite some time to warm up which is so unlike him when in the confines of our home with our family. It's not a day in our home if Deuce hasn't had a tantrum by 9am and several more throughout the day. We have to laugh as they are quite cute and brought on by the simplest things like not opening the door quickly enough for him, or closing the fridge or taking the broom away or taking more than 10 seconds to change his diaper. He really is a bright light in our family. He adores his brother, truly madly loves him and thinks he is a big kid too. He understand almost everything we say and lights up when we understand what he is gesturing to or babbling about. He is the spitting image of his father but with the fire of his mama. Finnley, our lives were not complete before you graced us with your presence.

I wish someone would have told me that you will love your children differently. There were times I doubted that I had the capacity to love another child the way I love my Holden but everyone said it was possible and true enough, the love expands. But the love I have for Holden and the love I have for Finnley are so different, one is not better or worse it's just a different. I love Hold as my first, as the boy who made me a mother, as the child who stole my heart and made me realize just how deep love can go. Finnley I love as my baby, the boy who made me confident in my ability to be a mother which is the most amazing thing I have ever been called. He has shown me how big love can be. I can barely remember the days and years before these two boys. Having them is a newness of responsibility, a reminder that I am no longer the most important person and that so few things matter outside of them.

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The Homer House said...

Oh he is adorable and so chubby! I love it. I love your post, great words and thoughts. Love it.