Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every Mom's dream and other musings in San Francisco

"I am totally going to be a fortune cookie maker when I grow up," is what Holden exclaimed as we were leaving the fortune cookie factory that we found down a tiny alley in the middle of Chinatown. As long as it makes you Happy Hold! I love that in the eyes of child anything and everything is possible. Finding the fortune cookie factory was somewhat paramount for us as 2 years ago in Beijing Holden searched high and low for a fortune cookie, this tradition is clearly an American one so we have come full circle and hopefully someday will have a family business. Maybe Holden could introduce the fortune cookie to the Chinese IN China. :)

Finnley was thrilled in Chinatown he smiled at everyone and was very gregarious and excited as we ate dumplings. Dumplings which for the first time Holden tried. How is it that we have had the best dumplings in their country of origin and yet he waits until Chinatown San Francisco style to decide that yeah, they are alright? As we were parked by the window of the hotel waiting for Nate and Holden to return from a errand Finnley found his yaya! She passed by the window and boy did he holler for her. " YAYA YAYA!" She didn't stop, she didn't hear his cry for help and he was a little crushed as he kept banging at the window with his sippy cup. Ah, someone to rescue me from these people that drag me through the rainy city is what he was thinking I am sure. Heaven help us if we have to leave the Philippines for good.

We bummed around the city today amazed at how much it reminds us of other places all over the world. Enthralled by the things that all tourists are amazed by. Wishing it wasn't raining so that we could play in the park or bike across THE bridge. The jet lag has passed by now (knock on wood) and Finnley slept through the night. Nate has left us today and will again tomorrow for meetings and survive we will as long as we find a toy store soon. "What am I going to do all day today?" I asked him. "I thought you were going to go shopping." he said. "Ok, but what am I going to do tomorrow?" He scoffed "Surely you won't be able to shop two days in a row will you?" Ah, to find a man who knows you so well...bliss

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