Sunday, August 09, 2009

A side note

While we were in the States, there was some very small people that we did get to see. A good friend of mine from way back in the beginning of 5th grade has these beautiful children, 4 of them actually. While we were there on vacation enjoying ourselves she was going through a very serious open heart surgery with one of her little ones in Boston. Her two oldest kids who are just younger than Holden were staying with her parents in Blackfoot and were away from their parents for a really long time. I couldn't even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster they were all on and to this moment it makes me teary-eyed to think of it. I thought the girls may need a little of Nate to be rough and tumble with and so we bought some princess dolls (ah to have little girls) and headed over. The girls were happy to be thrown around as you can see. Julie is such a great mom clearly by the great children she has and happily her little man is doing great!

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Julie said...

I am teary reading this and have been teary every time I've thought of it since my mom told me. Thank you for thinking of them and recogniZing their need for some daddy time.
I love you forever.