Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phuket wrap-up

Going to Phuket was like wrapping myself up in a big white fluffy robe and hanging out with a good book. Nate compares it to Swiss Family Robinson gone 5 star chic.

Since there is no direct flight from Manila to Phuket we had to spend the night in Bangkok before our flight the following weekend. I haven't traveled much since the H1N1 virus hit but in Bangkok they are pretty serious about it. So when we go through immigration with a 5 year old who is shivering because of the strong air con, has dark circles under his eyes from allergies and has just been woken up from a deep sleep on the plane and is moaning about it you can imagine they were a little suspicious. As we are in line, I can see them eyeing him like a hawk. After touching him and talking to us in Thai (which, clearly, we don't understand) they allow us through. Little do they know, we came from Manila! There is no swine flu in Manila (according to the Philippine Government anyway)

Out to the taxi stand we hope into a pink taxi with a driver nodding yes yes to our hotel address. Not 5 meters from the airport he stops and pulls over to look closely at the address. We know there is trouble when he is looking all over the sheet. He literally turns the car off, gets out and walks back to the airport with no explanation. The four of us, 11:30 at night sitting in the back of the abandoned cab with shocked looks on our faces. Life truly is a comedy. Fifteen minutes later he is back and we are speeding along landing at our hotel safe and sound.

The next morning found us up bright and early and back at the airport heading to Phuket. No problems this time and the airline had muffins and yogurt (perfect, since there was no time for breakfast!) A short hour and half and we were descending into the most beautiful view. Rock formations and islands jutting out all over the sea. A few minutes after arriving at our hotel, Naman, the resident 3.5 year old elephant, made her first appearance. Cute as can be, we spent a good amount of time feeding her bananas and being amazed by her all together. While Finnley slept on the sala, Holden took a little ride around the resort and then we headed to our room. It was 9am and we had a whole day to do nothing....bliss. By hotel room standards, this was by far, as good as it gets. Middle of the jungle, a upwards trek the whole way found our little cabana by the sea. All the things you want in a vacation; deck, big bathtub, huge comfortable bed and enough techie apple appliances to keep Nate busy for days. We could have spent the whole vacation in our room...really.

Our following days were peppered with the pool, ocean and around the town, with a trip the beautiful island of Khai Nok where the fish were plentiful, the sand is white and the water is clear. Holden and Nate snorkeled around the rocks while FinnRo and I hung out beach-side. Venturing out into the water, the fish mistook Finnley's feet for bread and took a few nibbles on his toes.

The last day we were there the skies opened up and it rained and rained and rained some more. It was gorgeous. Even better to hang out for a while in the room reading and sleeping. We have been taking a lot of vacations that are go-go-go so we soaked up the opportunity to have a nice relaxing beach getaway without the stress of trying to see all the sights and fit everything in. Great Thai food, warm weather and family; it was paradise.

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The Homer House said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you made it there and back safe and sound without any major illnesses!
I just want to kiss that little Finn!
As for the week without Nate you did have quite the busy time, Miss Socialite! Jealous.