Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nate doesn't travel much but when he does, thank heavens for skype! He was suppose to be home late last night but after a five hour delay in Minnesota while they flew a part in for the airplane from Detroit caused him to miss his connection in Tokyo. Luckily they put him up on a bus to a hotel for 5 hours of sleep and he is now catching a flight to Manila this morning on another airline. Don't feel too bad for him though, first class perks make it so nothing is ever THAT rough!

He is going to be exhausted, so I guess we will matching exhaustion. Even with helpers this single parenting thing is not too easy. I have always known Nate was a big help. Always appreciated his hands-on parenting. Always always always. But after this week, the appreciation is even more solid! Also for our helpers. Truly I would have been insane this week without them. I got just a sample of what it would have been like last night when I sent Jasmine (our yaya) out to pick up some things from the store. I was running between one shower, two bedrooms and one bathtub trying to get both boys bathed (without drowning) dressed and ready for bed. Between the squirmy Finn, Holden calling for a towel, and percy yapping at the doorbell I looked a little frazzled! In the span of the week I hosted a book club, made it to one tennis lesson and one pilates class, arranged a jeepney tour dinner and tickets to a cabaret show, purchased one wig (for said cabaret show) took Holden on two commercial castings, had an American womens general meeting where Finn and I worked the catwalk modeling, shopped and volunteered at one bazaar, made one volcano out of plaster, had a foot spa and manicure, made it to two movies, three dinner dates and school activities, and arranged one Sunday brunch. Could I have done that alone? No. So huge thanks to the nannies!
Holden had "wacky Wednesday" at school last week. If the kids wanted to wear wacky outfits they could bring 50 pesos (about 1 dollar) to school to help out a less fortunate school in the area. Here is what he chose to wear. Wacky? Yes.

Poor little Finn watches us eat and just licks his chops begging for some these days. It's about that time I guess. Here is how he hangs at the table. Poor kid, no food and just has to eat the chair instead.

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Julie said...

Sheesh Miss!!!! That's a busy week! You are awesome and yes, the nannies would be essential for all of that, wouldn't they?!
Hope Nate gets home safely.

And seriously? I don't think those two boys could be one bit cuter. I'm dying of cuteness right here right now.