Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's Summer here in the Philippines. Lately you wouldn't know it though due to all the rain! Every afternoon this past week it has clouded up and poured down. It's disappointing as we are more acclimated to the weather now and this is swimming season for us! Most of our days and especially our weekends are spent relaxing poolside with mango shakes.
Holden has always been a water bug and is getting really good at diving now. At his school last week his class had a swim party and they were allowed in the deep pool where Holden decided to dive to the bottom. Later Nate was informed that it wasn't recommended that the young kids dive to the bottom as it is 15 feet deep and could hurt their ears. Oops, I had no idea when he told me that he went to the bottom that the bottom was quite that far away! But the fact that he could do it is still amazing to me.

Finnley has taken to the water too and is a regular at the swimming pool. Yesterday he even fell asleep rocking away in the water. He loves it when Holden will swim up to the side of the pool and pop out at him. So cute to watch them together even though they are so far apart in age their relationship is very sweet.


The Homer House said...

Look at Finnley, he is getting so big! How dang cute is he in his little swim outfit, love it! I think it's awesome that Holden is such a great swimmer, maybe he can teach Jaxson this summer to dive in the deep! I think Holden looks like Nate in just about every picture except the one with his goggles on...don't take that wrong, but with his hair wet and back and goggles on it really shows the shape of his face and some of your features...either way he is cute! Love you guys!

Team AC said...

yay for swimming... love it!

Question: isn't it summertime year-round in the Philippines? I thought it was...