Saturday, January 24, 2009

yet another funny experience

As I posted before, giving birth in the Philippines was a shockingly easy and a good experience. I had many reservations about it but in the end it was on par, if not better, than having a baby in the States. Although we did have one of those unbelievable things happen as well.

Let me set the scene for you!

After I was transferred from recovery upstairs to our room which was actually a very big room with a bedroom section and a living section we noticed that the aircon was only working in the living part. As Nate was messing with the controls, one of the very helpful nurses said she would call engineering to come and turn it on for us. In the meantime, Nate headed down to the hospital lobby to meet his mom and Holden coming to see Finnley for the first time.

As I am laying there snuggling our precious new bundle in comes a fellow from the engineering department with a ladder. He proceeds to set it up right next to my bed. I am groggy and pretty drugged up still but I know something strange is going on. "What are you doing?" I asked him, "why is this ladder in here?" We were certainly lost in translation and he just said, "aircon." He then proceeded to climb the ladder, remove the ceiling tile an fiddle around while I lay there covering my baby, hoping he doesn't fall onto us and having vision of asbestos and other lovely thoughts.

Not two seconds later, in walks Nate with his mom and Holden in tow wondering what is going on, I just say "aircon." He grabs the camera and the moment of hilarity is captured for the generations. Of course, the air conditioning was either on or off. There was no temperature gauge so when it got to cold, engineering headed back up with their ladder and when it got too hot and stuffy, up they came again!


Alysia Cook said...

That is funny!! I am also diggin' the decor in the room - very nice!!

Team AC said...

Hey, I just randomly found your blog on google while looking for my friend's blog... (I like yours better by the way)!
I'm an expat too (from Canada) living and teaching in Shanghai at the moment... love it!

Thanks for your blog... I like it already... your Holden sounds like quite the character.

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