Monday, January 19, 2009

A few more holdenisms

"Mom, I am going to ask Santa for Dad to break up with you for Christmas."
"Why would you ask for that Holden?"
"So I can marry you silly!"

At school they are discussing differences in cultures, people, etc and how they are the same and how they are different. Brought this mom to tears when I heard what Holden said when asked what it is that makes him special. His answer: "I think it would be how much I love my baby brother."

While getting ready for school this morning I had the news on which was of course all about the inauguration. "Hey, Barack Obama, that's OUR President mom!"

"I am going to keep modeling, so I have lots of money when I grow up, then I will hire someone to wipe my bum for me!"

And the sign of a true budding entrepreneur. The other day while out after brunch he took my camera to take some photos of the water features, ducks, etc. Apparently he had started charging people 1 peso each to take their photo. He came back with P21, so I guess he is well on his way!

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