Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How it all went down!

Warning: there are c-section photos below so if you have a problem with that, don't look! :)

November 27: Thanksgiving night here in Manila we had a lovely dinner with friends and family. Holden was insistent that he get the turkey leg and loved it. We headed over to Makati Medical to check in before dessert was served. For the Philippines it was probably the fastest most efficient process we have ever experienced! They took us up to our room which happened to have no windows, stained carpet (no way is carpet sanitary in the tropics), white vinyl lawn furniture, and lovely bamboo wall paper. HA! Don't mess with a pregnant woman who is going to spend 4 days in the hospital there was no wayI was staying in that room for four days. No way I tell you, I would have decided to keep Finnley inside for a few more days until another room came available. In tears, I asked for another room and luckily someone was checking out that night from another room across the hall. We happily headed back to Thanksgiving and then home to finish packing for the next morning.

November 28: You know after a big meal (like Thanksgiving) you have a tendency to wake up STARVING? Well at 4am that was me, famished but unable to eat or drink anything due to the surgery. We headed to the hospital at 6am. Nate was nice enough to sneak a granola bar into the room and eat it right in front of me. Thanks dear, I'll remember that forever. By 6:30 they were taking me down to labor and delivery for an IV and epidural and when Nate walked in the door in his scrubs they were already cutting away. At 7:06 Finnley Roarke had arrived screaming the whole way out.

The very proud new big brother.

He's a binkie baby from the start

Hands down the best ob in Manila.

Our new family of four!

All in, it was a shockingly easy and good experience which we know are few and far between in Manila! There were a few funny moments, those are to follow soon...


Julie said...

I love the pictures! I could never have a picture of my babies being born --- eeewww! so I love that you actually can. How much more fresh from heaven can you get?

He is so beautiful. How did you all get so stinking photogenic? Even Finnley from the very start.

Love you. So glad it went well.

The Homer House said...

Congratulations. I am happy to see pictures and hear the story of Finnley. I am happy that all is well with all FOUR of you. It seems so surreal that you have a baby. I can't wait to see him...hopefully sooner than later.
You all look great, especially that sweet baby!
Love you guys.