Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uh Oh

The other night Holden had a choice. Choices are hard because I say it's either one or the other and he hears both. He had 30 minutes before bedtime and he could finish watching a movie he had started earlier in the day OR he could read three books before bed. This is usually a hard choice for him because hello what kid is going to turn down TV but he also loves to read books. He chose the movie and 30 minutes later he traipses into the bedroom with books. Of course I refused. He insisted I told him we could do both (ha!) and continued to argue with me about it. Eventually it came to this.

"You're ruining my life...silence...time passes...Dad!" Poor Dad who hadn't opened his mouth or joined the discussion or even looked up from his computer as the conversation took place. Ah this kid is smart, he knows better than to offend the Mama.

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Julie said...

That's hilarious.
Glad to hear this happens at your house, too! :)