Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Love

The Fab hosts; Camilla, Kathy, me, Marisa and Vickie*
*who rocks for more than one reason but REALLY because she left her aircon on full blast the ENTIRE time for this baking mommy! :)

I have the most amazing friends...really. Lucky Deuce had his third baby shower last week and it was full of fun; from the therapist they brought in to massage me the entire time to the great gifts, food and laughs! Everyone took part in a progressive story for little May where they could only see the paragraph directly above what they were writing. It took many twists and turns and while some parts were more serious and others were hilarious it was all very fitting and I am touched by how well these women know us! Each paragraph is written by a different person.

Finnley Roarke’s Baby Shower Story
November 10, 2008

There once was a mommy named Melissa, a daddy, Nate, and a big brother, Holden living a happy life in a most ridiculous country…

Where Holden brought in the family income by modeling, Melissa spent the money at greenhills and Nate wears bow ties. Where will Finnley fit in…?

Finnley will go to Macy’s for all of his attire as he will be a clean cut handsome young man, much like his beautiful older brother. However, in order to follow in his older brother’s footsteps there are three fashion rules from which he should NEVER deviate:

1) Never grow a beard like his dad once did
2) Pray you have mums hairline
3) Always wear a pink shirt!
If these rules are followed you will guarantee a fashionable life and therefore always be a big hit with the ladies!

Finnley is a name all will remember! You will stand out in the crowd, everyone wanting to flock to you…how lucky you are that your parents love you so!

They were excited to hear that you were on your way, and even more excited for the arrival day.

They wish you only the best, will love you from the East to the West. You will have a great big brother, father and mother. Fun loving family how lucky can you be a life of adventure, happiness and joy.

Never needing any love because your brother will provide you with joy and wisdom that only an older brother can give. Your mom and pop will give you a lifetime of happiness and security for you to become a very wise young man.

As a young man, I am sure your Manila experiences will give you the patience every mother appreciates. On a trip to Utah…

You will really start to miss all of the Starbucks but you will get a chance to bond with your family and learn from the love of your mom and dad have for one another. You will wrestle with your brother and realize as an adult how much you miss those silly little things. As you travel the world stay close with your family for they love you very much!

They will also be the only people in the world who will bail you out of jail when you call them to collect you from a prison in Goa. Seriously, didn’t your parents teach you anything? You should never ever, ever accept a package from a girl you meet on the beach in Goa, India. No matter how cute she is. EVER.

That’s why you should only go on five star holidays; you know, the type where you start each day with champagne, strawberries, a bubble bath , a fluffy gown and views of the Seine-don’t you just love Paris?

Paris, as opposed to Puerta Gallera, you know the Christmas vacation from hell! Mosquitoes, rain and pretty much nothing else!

As the little family named May continued on their adventures in Manila, they found they had discovered the best souvenir of all…

A googley eyed baby!!! And they lived happily ever after. The End!

Photos and stories from 2nd baby shower coming when I get the photos forwarded to me! hint hint!

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Julie said...

That beats all the other shower games you usually get, right? Seems like you have a really great group of friends out there. Tell them to take great care of you for me when Finnley comes.