Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember when...they sold candy cigarettes?

I do. Most vividly I remember not being allowed to have them because my mom thought they encouraged smoking. And yeah, they did right down to the red tip and the smoke that blew out of them.

Well, now you can get miller lite and lucky strike T-shirts for your kid right here in Manila. Check out the t's sold right along side batman and minnie mouse. Yeah, because THIS is what I want to encourage my 5 year old to do? Jeesh, I won't even let my kid wear cartoon character clothes!
Both of these were Holden's size 5, can you EVEN IMAGINE the looks people would give you in America if your kid was walking around in one of these?

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Julie said...

That's hilarious.
I remember when they banned Joe Camel when we were in high school -- do you remember that?