Monday, October 06, 2008

The great American Hoedown

What a better way to bring a little American spice to the Philippines than a Hoedown! Each year the American Women's Club of the Philippines (a group I happen to frequent, haha) throws their annual Hoedown. All of the profits go to charity and it is always a good time! Here are some photos from Saturday night.

Hamilton and I...we have something in common, what is it?

I am afraid this looks like Nate line dancing. I can assure you it wasn't!

a photo of a know those never turn out quite right!

Marisa, Camilla and myself...always a good time


Julie said...

I'm glad I was on google reader right this moment! I totally though Nate was line dancing! And he looks like he grew his beard just for the occasion! He's lookin' good!
You are gorgeous as always.

Melissa said...

the beard is scary...I know, but the linedancing might be more frightening! You are the sweetest Jules. Still on a high that I got to see you last month!