Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coming soon, to a toy store catalogue near you

Halloween costume photo shoot for a local toy store. He wasn't in the best mood after the 2 hour wait and falling asleep on the hour long drive but he hammed it up for a bit all the same. I'll post the whole thing when it comes out!


Christine said...

Melissa Simpson! WOW! It's so good to hear from you! The Phillipines, huh? That sounds very exciting. How cool! What takes you to the Phillipines? My husbands grandparents lived down there for a few years about 15 years ago. They loved the people there and always had stories to share.

Holden is very sweet. Aren't kids the best? Congratulations on number 2 -that is certainly another adventure for you guys! Ummm . . . Did you hear I was pregnant? Because I swear nothing on my blog even mentions that I am - maybe the hormone comments would make someone wonder . . . but it's okay. I am. It's just not something I have really told anyone yet. Long story. Anyway, yeah! I'm 13 weeks along, so I'm due Feb. 11. Crazy!

It was good to hear from you and browse your blog to catch up on all of your fun adventures. And your photography is beautiful. You are very talented. I'll be checking back often now. This internet stuff is so great, huh? Have a good day . . . and maybe your yaya will figure out the whole "glass of water" thing . . . eventually. It IS a little tricky, ya know.

Sara said...

i would like to get max into commercials or modeling a little bit. how did you get holden involved?
i just want to see if anyone thinks he has "the look" for ads or anything. we all think our own kids are the cutest, of course;)