Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Life

So...we had to get a new driver. Our previous one was falsifying his time sheet, and you know, that doesn't really fly where I am from. I call it stealing, but whatever!

There is a great board here where leaving expats post staff they have had which avoids having to search from scratch. We had, oh, 8 of them in for interviews, but really, how do you pick a driver from a sit down face-to-face? You can't. So we chose the top 3 and had them each come in to drive a day or so to see how they did. (For those of you reading this in the States, I know how LAME this sounds, but those of you living in Manila can totally relate!)

As we walk into a shopping mall we needed to stop by Nate realizes that he left his phone in the car. His phone, which has the phone number of the "driver of the day." This driver that will wait and wait and wait until he receives a text from us saying that we are ready to be picked up. This driver who will in no way pick up "Sir Nate's" ringing off the hook cell phone in the back seat because that wouldn't be proper.

Thank heavens for friends who you can call any time of the day or night. Who you can trust with your computer passwords, who will look up a file on a message board, who will then search through all the available staff for hire to find the ONE driver who you have employed for the day. Thank you Jeffrey, you saved us once again!

Oh, and if you are wondering about the driver. We didn't hire him. Not because of this situation, it wasn't his fault of course! But we did find someone else who is great....I hope.

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Jeffrey said...

Anytime dear....! :)