Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm pregnant, not sick

Folks here seem to treat pregnancy as a sickness. What is that about? I started playing tennis again this month. I had planned on playing all along but those first few months I was afraid I would throw-up on the court.

When people find out I am playing they look at me like I'm insane, "but you're pregnant!"
Every time I play, our coach says,
"Please make sure this is still OK with your doctor."
"Please get a belly support belt" (yeah, don't need that quite yet!)

I promised my doc not to sacrifice my body to go after a ball too far out of reach and I try as hard as I can to fight the urge! She also made Nate promise not to make it too much of a competition and told him that bragging was not allowed and he has been pretty good following the rules. We are a competitive with each other when it comes to games of any sort! We combined our lessons so we can learn to play together and it makes it a little easier on me.

Our tennis coach beams at Nate, and not because he likes men. He is so proud of his prodigy. I have been playing almost 9 months longer than him, but he is good. I mean he is REALLY good. I hate it. I am so jealous.

Tomorrow we are playing doubles: against each other. There is no mercy.

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