Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Father's day has always been a difficult day for me. In fact I have always hated it. I hated making the cards and gifts in grade school. I hated the songs. I dreaded it because I felt out of place celebrating something I couldn't understand. I have been blessed with a fiercely protective and fantastic mother who I can share anything and everything with (thanks MOM) and grandparents with whom I never would have survived without, and most importantly a grandfather who was my world. My grandma once told me that one time around Christmas when I was about Holden's age she asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me and my answer was a dad.

I guess I am writing this to get across the point that even though it was a challenge, I am so grateful for the way I was raised. Grateful for the mother who made sacrifices and has been both a mother and a father and blessed to have the opportunity to foster a relationship so dear to my heart with grandparents who are the best examples of perfection to me. I want more than anything for my children to feel the same love, acceptance and whole-hearted adoration that I have been given.

Most importantly on Father's Day, I celebrate Nate. I am so blessed to have him as the father of our legacy. He loves, he adores, he sacrifices. The doctor that delivered Holden said he has never seen a father more active in a newborns life than Nate was. He goes out of his way and does everything humanly possible to make sure he is there for every activity, every school program, every doctor's appointment, every happening in our lives. Holden regularly tells his classmates and teachers that his daddy knows everything and believes that with all his being. He has the most loving and gentle way of teaching and praising Holden. Nate has an answer to every question he asks (we all know 4 year olds can trump you with their odd questions).

Holden beams the second Nate walks through the door, Nate beams the moment he sees Holden, and I beam because of this beautiful relationship they have. Nate already has that same look of adoration every time he talks about the baby. I adore Nate in my own right because of the husband he is, but I am completely smitten with him because of the father he is. I guess I didn't get the best dad in my life, but I sure won the lottery for my kids. Happy Father's Day Nate and Mom...Happy Father's Day to you too!

Father's Day Breakfast, 2008

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Julie said...

Miss, thanks for sharing your thoughts about Father's Day. I've always loved your attitude and the relationship you had with your mom and grandparents. Your grandpa was really, truly the best.
And I'm really happy Holden has the best, too. In you and Nate.

Loving you!