Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday Surprise

Many times when Holden does a commercial or shoot, we never know when and where it is going to appear. Last Sunday morning we were sitting at Starbucks and Nate was looking through the paper when low and behold he pulls out a whole section of Holden. I screamed out loud when I saw it, I think it was just such a shock to see him in an ad so big and then to see the other side full of him was a treat.

The photos were only taken the week before. It was for a back to school ad, being that school in America is just getting out I was surprised to see it already in the paper but of course, school here is just getting ready to gear back up. Another day another difference.

Of course, as proper parents would do, we went out and bought the grocery store out of their stock of papers!
FYI can click on the photos and make them larger. :)

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Sara said...

that is so cool! he's definitely got the "look." :) he's so handsome.

i emailed you ... my email address is just sarajoyner (at) gmail