Thursday, December 06, 2007

A good day

There is a new "zoo" near where we live. It is called the Ark. They are having their soft opening, so in between shopping for shoes for the dog (more on that another time) and searching for cookie decorating supplies we dropped in.

It completely shocked me. It is a total anomaly for Manila. It was clean and modern and well equipped and around each corner was something new and equally fascinating. The first animal that greeted us was an orangutan named Jenny. She came right up and started hugging me and climbed up Nate like he was a tree. Holden insisted it was a little man in a costume and I'm not sure we convinced him otherwise. There were lions and crocs and pumas & monkeys and snakes and bears. We held birds, pet owls and eagles and rode a donkey. There was even a little white pony that Holden thought was a unicorn. And this was only the first floor. Upstairs there were chickens and roosters and huge tortoises walking around. In the cafe there were butterflies just flying around us. Ignore the grainy cell phone photos, we weren't expecting it to be this great, so we didn't bring the camera.

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