Sunday, November 04, 2007

November: the month that you best be getting your Christmas decor up

In America, I felt that putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving might be pushing it a bit but I did it anyway because I adore Christmas. HERE, some folks just go ahead and substitute Christmas decorations for Halloween. There has been Christmas music playing in the market since mid-September.

I have "bought-in" to the concept. Yes, we are American, but there are no harvest items spanning our house, no pumpkins and gourds, no turkeys, no pilgrims and Indians arts and crafts lying around.

No. As of today there is a tree lit and decorated, there is a reindeer welcoming our guests and stockings adorning the staircase and gifts ribboned and wrapped under the tree. The ipod is blaring Christmas carols throughout our house and Holden is asking where the chimney is that Santa will come down.

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Cheryl said...

Okay, Melissa? That picture of Holden (up at the top) looks JUST like you. Same eyes, same mouth! How adorable is he?!?