Monday, November 26, 2007

The basics

If you recall my 28th birthday was celebrated the day we arrived in Manila, so this year to celebrate the culmination of surviving a year in the Philippines, my 29th birthday and Thanksgiving all thrown together we went to Beijing.

Our hotel and room.
It was a fabulous trip. We decided to forgo a big hotel and stay at which is located in a local hutong As tourists, it gave us a very different view of China!

The hutong we stayed in.

We bought warm chestnuts at the market and it was so cold Holden held them in his hands to keep them warm.
Fruit kabobs for sale on the street

The food we found was delicious from the noodles to the dumplings and pork sandwiches. Holden was on a mission to find a fortune cookie, but we have found that fortune cookies tend to be an American only thing!
corn on the cob at the Forbidden City

Starbucks...made in China
Our all time favorite at the Wangfujing market. haha

And most importantly, the most basic...the restrooms. This is not a joke my dear reader. THIS IS FOR REAL! And this....this is NICE compared to many. I're jealous aren't you!

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