Monday, October 22, 2007

Crafting....from bounty to starvation

I'm not an extremely crafty person, but I have been know to "get my craft on" one time or another. There is NO PLACE more difficult to find "crafting supplies" than in Manila. That being said, there was probably no place easier to find crafting supplies than the state of Utah where all things craft and scrapbooking are king!

Due to the difficulty, I am VERY proud of our Halloween tree, which took one trip to the American womens bazaar for Halloween knick knacks, one trip to the nursery to buy rocks, and one trip to greenhills market to find sticks with glitter. Yeah...this project, with drive time, probably took the equivalent of 30 hours. Oh for the days of Michaels Arts and Crafts and 40% off coupons! For those of you who wonder...this is what I do all day and why it takes me so long.

Another great find this week...pumpkins. They may be too little to carve and they may have cost an exorbant amount for their size, but they are pumpkins and we are festive.

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