Thursday, September 27, 2007

The date that time forgot

When "we" were pregnant with Holden, Nate had hopes that he would be born on his birthday...September 11th. In addition to that not being the greatest day in America, I kept telling Nate that in the long run he really wouldn't want to share his birthday. Holden was born exactly a week later and Nate's birthday still gets a little forgotten. Take for instance this post...a few weeks late...and AFTER the details about Holden's. OOOPS.

We happened to be in Boracay (AGAIN) and we surprised Nate at breakfast with a couple of little cakes from the Lemon Cafe. In addition there was a cake waiting for him when we got home as well as two more at his office. I guess that takes care of the next 3 years!

Notice the age and the date.

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