Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I think so often the friends you make come from the situation you are in. You are single and dating (so are your friends) you are newlyweds (so are your friends) you have children (so do your friends). Friends help you muddle through life and make it enjoyable.

I have been blessed, truly, to have such fabulous friends throughout my life. Our friends in Utah were some of the most amazing well-rounded people I have known. They were my mental sanity, their kids were Holdens best friends and their husbands were Nate's buddies. I miss them dearly. Here in Manila, we have been blessed with friends of a different kind. We have a community of friends that are all experiencing this wonderful place together. Some have lived here for 10 years plus, some are brand new, some are married, some are engaged, some have kids, some are thinking about it and most don't! It is wonderful to have this plethora of diversity coming at us.

Last weekend, our core group of friends got together. We rented a jeepney ( and headed out on the town for dinner, a stop at the Hobbit House and then to the casino to lose all out money! It was a night to remember.

The girls on the from of the jeepney

At Duo for dinner

At Hobbit House

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