Thursday, April 05, 2007

So much to tell!

There is lots going on in the May Household this week. It is Holy Week in Manila, well everywhere really but in Manila, it is a BIG holiday. So much so that the newspaper isn't printed, the radio stations go off air, all of the malls, restaurants, fast food chains, grocery stores and markets are closed.

There is hardly a car in sight...where does a city of 10 million vanish to? Church maybe? I have heard that starting tomorrow there are huge pilgrimages, masses of people making their way somewhere...where, I haven't had time to learn. When you live in a city that is 98% Catholic, I guess this is the norm. Anyhow, we went to the market to stock up the other day and it was a mad house.

We picked up baby Christian yesterday and living again with a 4 month old has proved to be sleep depriving. He is adorable and Holden is adjusting really well to him being around. Too well really. "Mom, I LOVE our new baby." At 3 years old he is all to happy to help! This is pleasing...exactly what I had in mind, now if I could just get some sleep.

I am guessing that in an orphanage of 11 children there is little one on one time, and now that we have had him a day, he is spoiled with attention and cries every time we put him down. I wonder how all of the workers handle it when we all return the children from a week of constant attention. I bet it isn't a pretty sight, or sound!

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