Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're adopting a baby

Ok, not for keeps, just for a week! There is a small children's home here that tries to give their employees the week off over Christmas and Holy Week. To facilitate this, they look for foster homes for the week. We have volunteered and went to the orphanage today to fill out the paperwork and meet the children.

We called to see what supplies they were in need of and stopped by the store for jugs of purified water, milk, cereal and diapers and were off to "pick out a baby" as Nate said.

We took Holden and while he wasn't allowed in the nursery with the babies, he played with the older children in the toddler area. There were 6 babies under 11 months old. All beautiful! The home is run by women, so to have a tall white man around the babies was an experience for all! One of the little girls, whom I fell in love with, Sheila Mae, was terrified. Everytime she looked Nate's way her lower lip quivered and tears streamed down her face. The other little girl, Angielyn was in love with him! Big grins, trying to get his attention whenever he turned away, but she wanted nothing to do with me. In fact, she cried whenever I tried to hold her!

I truly couldn't decide which child should come stay with us. I would have taken two if Nate would have given the OK, but then we certainly would have needed another yaya! We finally offered to take Christian, who is 3 months old. Since we have stairs, small parts to toys, electric outlets and no crib, we thought it best to take a child who can't walk, crawl or roll! Plus, they said he was the best sleeper! When determining whether or not to have a second child, it is certainly best to take the easiest so as not to scare "he daddy"into not having anymore offspring EVER.

We will have little Christian from the 4th of April to the 10th and will be certain to take lots of pictures. I am in full baby hunger mode after being there. I found myself wandering the baby aisle today at the market looking for the things we will need for him. Uh oh, Nate's worst fear is that I won't want to give this child back. Good thing there are laws against kidnapping here!

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