Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year and Golfing

In Manila, it is widely known that New Years Eve is a busy time in the ER. There are not many strict laws on fireworks or firearms for that matter. In the days leading up to the new year, we have read countless news stories on deaths from firework catastrophes as well as from stray bullets being shot off in celebration. So...we decided to keep it low key this year and stay in. The hotel we are at had a rooftop celebration. We overlooked the city as millions of fireworks from all over the city were ringing in the new year. It was spectacular and from where we stood, safe.

It has taken a while, but we have finally made it out for a day at the driving range. We were a little concerned with how our "skills" might have atrophied over the months, but we were surprisingly "on" that day. Here is the run-down:

The cost: PHP 400 ($8 USD) for unlimited balls and unlimited time at the range.

The benefits: A ball girl who carries the bags and shoes up the stairs, get the balls and sits on a little bench in front of you placing the balls on the tee. (I know, the first time I heard that was the deal, I laughed too, but it is nice!) I wonder how often they get hit?

The good: Holden brought his clubs and hit quite a few balls, he was proud of himself! My accuracy and Nate's distance.

The bad: There were fans blowing on us, and cold rags to wipe our brows, but it was HOT!

The ugly: Nate almost had to buy the entire range when one of his balls hit a stone hedge only to ricochet back just missing a golfer's head and the glass windows of the golf shop behind us! The blisters! Oh the blisters!

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john said...

Hi Nate, Melissa & Holden,
Happy New Year.
We have tried emailing and calling but could not get a reply.
Drop us a line at:-
if you plan to visit Hong Kong.
John, Eva & Felicity