Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, it looks like there are lots of new things to experience here in Manila. There is supposed to be a typhoon, scratch that, Super Typhoon named Durian hit Manila around two in the morning here, (that is 11 AM back home). We have been receiving updates from the embassy and this website: From what we gather, this is a CAT 5 and that is pretty big. A few weeks ago, they had a CAT 4 that did lots of damage to the region and some people were without power for almost 6 days. We are in a hotel, and they tell us that a hotel is the safest place due to back-up generators, purified water, etc. I am trying not to freak out but....hello, we hail from the west, the worst it gets there is wild fires and snow storms! Not that those aren't bad, but we aren't used to tornadoes and hurricanes! I am sure everything will be ok, and we will be sure to keep everyone in the loop.

Here are some pictures of what smog will do to a sunset here....I guess this is the "upside" of pollution.
Also one for the girls, the finds from a recent shopping trip: everything for under $30 USD!

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annalion said...

Wow might be worth the $800 to fly there.